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Selection Objects in Photoshop - Select - Deselect - Inverse

Selection Objects in Photoshop - Select - Deselect - Inverse
Maybe for the professional graphic designer who has been in the process of Photoshop, CorelDraw, and others have to know what is the selection in the object, Deselect, and Inverse. But for those who are beginners just learning and want to learn it would not hurt to read this explanation ...

Ok, now we start with what is

1. Select or Selection on Object
Select / Selection object is taking on certain parts of the area or object sesuain with what we want,
Several tools for selecting, namely:

Standard Selection (For objects that angle)

- Rectangular Marque Tool = To select the shape Box
- Eliptical Marquee Tool = For Selecting the form fields Circles
- Single Row Marquee Tool 1 = Selecting Rows Horizontally
- Single Column Marquee Tool 1 = Selecting Vertical Column

Dynamic Selection (For objects that are not angled)

- Lasso Tool = Selecting field like a lasso with more flexibility and in accordance with the wishes
- Polygonal Lasso Tool = Screening by connecting lines - polygonal lines
- Magnetic Lasso Tool = As with the Polygonal Lasso Tool, but with a hint of sophistication and ease in selection object that is not angled

Suppose that:
In the picture above the fish we want to select part 2 dolphins - dolphins in the most appropriate then you should use the Dynamic Selection

The black and white line indicates the selection area so we will work with area selection mode if enable the selection

2. Desellect (CTRL + D)
Desellect command is a command to cancel or terminate the selection process - in other words out of selection mode that allows us to select another object
This relates to Tutorial: Black & White Photo Becomes Colour

3. Inverse (CTRL + Shift + i)
Inverse the selection area is flipped suppose we run the inverse image after selecting dolphins - dolphins are there in the middle of the area we are going to change the selection area is no longer on the dolphin fish but the image outside the selection area dolphins

Selection Changed area outside the selection area to dolphins

Ok I hope the above explanation helpful

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