Saturday, November 16, 2013

How to Smooth Face with Kodak Photoshop Plugin

How to Smooth Face with Kodak Photoshop Plugin
In addition to using the blur effect, with the Kodak Digital Gem Airbrush plugin is another way we can to soften the face in Photoshop. This plugin, ideally used for finishing stages. In addition, it is also suitable for retouching photographs phone camera shots to make it look smoother.

1. Open the photo / image to be edited.
2. Selection of the face that will be refined, by using the lasso tool or the polygonal lasso tool.

3. If it is selected, press ctrl + c (copy) and ctrl + v (paste) to get a layer with the selection on the part of the face that will be smoothed.

4. Make sure the size of the photo / image above 500px. To change the menu click Image> Image Size, change the width and height to be above 500px. If you have click OK, then go to the menu Filter> Kodak> Digital Gem Airbrush Professional.

Blending: controls how a given percent effect on the photo. 0% means the same as the original photo.
Detail: controls how smooth the effects of which will be given, adjust with a buddy want. If it is deemed reasonably smooth, click OK. But also do not be too subtle that would eliminate kedetailan photos.

5. Completed.
If my friend does not have this plugin, please search on google.

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