Saturday, November 16, 2013

Creating Text Effects with Photoshop Creative Mistery

Creating Text Effects with Photoshop Creative Mistery
Ya .... texs the mystery effect tutorial for my friends who again on the same rich learning photoshop me too .... please try ...

1. The initial step to prepare a new sheet with black background.
2. Use the Type Tool and begin to write sentences that you want, here I use
Bill Hicks font if you do not have please download first, write text in red
The result:

3. Click the Image - Rotate Canvas - 90 0 CW and eventually texs be tilted position.
4. After texs in an oblique to Filter - Stylize - Wind

And the results are as shown below.

5. Well if already so we return its position as the original in a way

Image - Rotate Canvas - 90 degrees CCW.

6. After that we use the layer style and select Bevel and Molding.

Give Gradient black for enhanced text looks grim ..

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