Saturday, November 16, 2013

Quick Way Splitting Image Of Background With Photoshop

Quick Way Splitting Image Of Background
How to quickly separate the image of the background there are a lot of ways. Here I will explain the way that I think is most easily ... But the weakness of this method is difficult to apply on a gradient background ...

Steps - steps are as follows:

1. Prepare images to be edited as an example I will use images

photoshop dasar

2. Open the picture with photoshop program, here I am using photoshop 7, but for those of you who already use Photoshop CS just the same way, namely:
[right-click] image> open with "select" Photoshop or
Start> All Programs> Photoshop 7> Open> locate the desired image
3. Contained in the Toolbox on the left you find a similar picture icon photoshop eraser basic
After that [right-click] icon and select

photoshop dasar

4. On the side - living side [left click] wrote, hehehe ...
basic photoshop
Click on the arrows designated section

photoshop dasar

5. And the result is like this
basic photoshop
Airlangga University Logo Without Background

photoshop dasar

By eliminating the background if you want to combine 2 images, these images can be fused without the Background unobstructed.

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