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Accelerate Performance Capabilities Photoshop

Accelerate Performance Capabilities Photoshop
You have a computer with low specs or old hardware, eg Pentium 3 and still 512 mb Ram. Or netbook that only has Intel Atom-based processor. Do not be discouraged, because we've got Photoshop tips so you can go faster and faster alias is not slow.

Tips on how to speed up the ability of Photoshop?

Below are tips and tricks for Photoshop to be faster just by changing the settings. The screenshot below is Photoshop CS3, but the old and new version of this software has all of the setting options.

1. Open the Photoshop program, wait until the loading process is open and click Edit> Preferences> General, or if you include people who are a bit lazy :) then use the shortcut by pressing Ctrl + K

Preference Setting Photoshop

2. adjust the settings
Choose Performance:
As you can see, there are 4 parts here: Memory Usage, Scratch Disks, and GPU History & Cache Settings. We see that the first three.


Memory Usage
Photoshop uses a lot of RAM and coupled with the OS we use . The amount of RAM usage can be set up in Photoshop - you can set it as necessary . It all depends on the amount of RAM you have, change it to 55-65 % ( for which only has 2GB of RAM ) and 70-75 % ( for those who have 4GB of RAM or more ) .

Scratch Disks
In addition to RAM , Scratch Disks Photoshop uses or often called "virtual RAM " . A scratch disk is a hard place to dialokasika drivce the program as a virtual RAM is used when processing the data . If you want to have more than one hard drive , giving Photoshop to use a second hard drive , it will greatly help your computer work faster .

Determine as much as you want, do not need to think about this place is only temporary and will disappear when you exit Photoshop

History & Cache
In the editing process we sometimes make mistakes when working on a task . Imagine what would happen if there is no command " undo " ? Unfortunately , in Photoshop we can even set the number of History States or undo but the more organized - the more memory is used . Because every act of mind in virtual memory , it would require a lot more places to store all the steps again if necessary .

Normally , States History is set to be 20 , in which , will make the computer becomes very slow . It will slow down Photoshop , especially when you are working with images that are large enough capacity . Arrange to 10-15 and it will run much smoother .

Cache levels are used to improve screen redraw and histogram rendering speed . Choose more Cache levels for larger documents to layer a little more, or fewer cache levels for fewer documents for more layers . You can choose from 1 to 8 .

Note : all of these changes will take place when you close and call back Photoshop

3 . Clean Your Clipboard
Again and again the problem is in RAM . Photoshop clipboard using a lot of RAM and if you copy some large -capacity image and move it to a new document , it will be still left in the clipboard . Clear the RAM by removing unnecessary data in the clipboard . To do it all , just click Edit > Purge > All :


Note: This command can not be pulled back, so think carefully before doing so.

4 Close Software is not required
This tip is very simple but sometimes we forget and always grumbling why Photoshop is running extremely slow. It's all because many applications are running on your computer, for example you open microsoft office, coreldraw, winamp, vlc, etc., it is spent RAM and computer power. So basically close all unnecessary applications.

5. Install Photoshop version Low
If the current version is installed Photoshop CS4 but Photoshop runs very slow then you can uninstall and replace it with a lower version of the Photoshop CS3 or Photoshop CS2. But if you use a pentium 3 then we recommend you to install:

adobe photoshop 7
Photoshop version 7 only which is the lightest version and its well worth the photoshop CS Series.
To Download Photoshop 7 Please Click Mediafire

Congratulations learn Learning Photoshop and Hopefully Helpful

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