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Creating Animations For Blackberry Profile Picture or Avatar

Creating Animations For Blackberry Profile Picture or Avatar
've Actually made ​​a basic animation tutorial on ever made. Animated tutorial to change shape and create basic animations.
Now we try to create our own animated photo so it can blink or can Melet for our Blackberry profile picture or avatar if baseball made ​​in the forum.
Open the photo you wish to edit our

duplicate the background layer by pressing ctrl + J

Open the photo the brake again .. (please search on google) or use this image for latian wrote.

Selection section of its course around the eyes (because we want to borrow his eye brake) .. then drag the photo to us.

Adjust the size and location, to zoom in and out while holding down the SHIFT key must be in order in case of symmetric tetep image (baseball sprawl)

Opacity of the eye results should be 50% reduced copy let fitted its easy

Remove the eye area roughly matching baseball using the eraser tool (soft round)

Now adjust the color of the eyes with a copy of the results of our pictures.
Click Image> Adjustments> Color Balance

Now we are dark or light
Click Image> Adjustment> Brightness and Contrass

Now the eye layer brake combined with layer 1 .. Her way: move the cursor to the eye layer, press CTRL + E

Blackberry only receives the image animation is less than 32 kb in size and shape is a square (all sides the same length).
so we had to crop his photo to be 200 × 200 pixels with a resolution of 72 dpi.

We show windows Animation, click windows> animation
click animation menu (top right corner in windows animation)> select the make frames from layers
Now picture windows already entered into animation

Now edit the timing of his

Please press the play button to jamming test.
When it's OK to save deh GIF. click File> save for web and devices.

Click Preview to see the results

The Result :

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